4 Travel Books You Need to Read in 2019

If you are looking to travel this year, or change your reading list, you need to read these four best travel books. These books will open your mind to new insights and knowledge that will inspire you to do something different with your life. Here are the four travel books you need to read in 2019.

1. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of the most read and best books over the last few years. It is based on a tale that inspires readers to follow their dreams. It is about a young shepherd who travels to Egypt from Spain while he follows his heart and instinct. He finds himself and discovers the true meaning of love and life. The book is filled with heartwarming and inspiring quotes. If you are looking to be a hardcore traveler in 2019, this book is a must-read.

2. Baggett, Corbett, and Pressner’s The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls is based on an actual fairy tale for a traveler who never wants to leave the monotonous life and discover the world with a best friend. It is a top travel book to read since it has been written by three exceptional authors who offer vivid and passionate descriptions of their trips, with practical insights and genuine intentions. If you are in your twenties and confused about your life goals, you will relate to the book. Regardless of your gender and age, the novel will make you want to pack your bags instantly and travel for the adrenaline and adventure.

3. Gregory V. Diehl’s Travel as Transformation

Travel as Transformation is a top inspiring book by a passionate and young author. He ditches the comfort of his California home in his twenties to journey the world, eliminate his inner childhood, find out about the various cultures, and to restrict systems of cultural beliefs. He was able to expand, develop, and comprehend himself. Through his book, you learn how to do it regardless of your age. In spite of it not being a regular travel guide, you learn how to handle various cultures, the various destinations, getting visas, finding work, and various languages. It is an inspirational and enlightening eye-opener book for an individual who is frustrated with regular life.

4. Cheryl Strayed’s Wild

The author realizes she has lost all things in her life. Her mother dies, her family scatters, and her married life is ruined. After four years of discovering that there is nothing more to lose, she makes a life-changing decision. With no experience and skills in traveling, she follows her blind faith and decides to hike about 1000 miles of Pacific Crest Trail. She narrates the tale with suspense and style as well as a sparkle of warmth and humor. She captures the fears and pleasures of a woman who always moves forward against all the odds on a journey that enrages, strengthens and heals her.


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