7 Things You Should Do for Successful Napa Valley Wine Tours

When booking Napa Valley wine tours, it’s important for visitors to the region to understand the process and the ways in which to improve the experience of the entire group. To help guide you as you take on this important booking process, we’re highlighting seven things you should do for successful Napa Valley wine tours.

  1. Hire a car

Having a professional chauffeur is one of the best ways to ensure a memorable experience. Make sure the driver is experienced and is committed to providing an outstanding tour service for your group.

  1. Bring luggage for wine

If traveling by car consider bringing at least an extra box or two for the wine you’ll pick up on the way. If traveling by plane many wineries and stores offer protected wine shipping boxes. Your tours will take you to some of the world’s best wineries, and you’ll likely want the chance to experience the tastes of the region in the future.

  1. Focus on smaller places

Make sure when booking your Napa Valley wine tours that you focus primarily on the smaller, out of the way places. This will allow you to gain the full attention of staff members for a truly memorable and unique experience.

  1. Go early

Going early in the day gives you the best chance for a personalized tour experience. In the morning time teams often have more time to answer questions and help teach you about the varietals they offer.

  1. Try new things

It’s your opportunity to experience all what Napa Valley has to offer. Take the time to experience new wines and to take tour experiences such as cave tours to ensure you truly enjoy all the venues Napa has to offer.

  1. Have a storage plan

Storing wine in a hot vehicle can quickly “cook” your wine and ruin the future experience. We have heard stories of the wine getting so hot the cork came out of the bottle. Make sure you bring coolers and consider your storage plans for bottles you buy.

  1. Take the time to ask questions

It’s the trip of a lifetime and you’ll be able to speak with those with years of experience crafting fine wine. Make sure you have some questions in mind for each winery trip.

Our team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is here to guide you on your full array of Napa Valley wine tours. To learn more, call us today.

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