Best Team Building Activities in Napa Valley

Napa Valley has an amazing climate and a fascinating landscape. There is no dearth of places where you could take your team for a weekend retreat, a daytrip or an excursion. The climate allows you to plan any number of outdoor activities. You may also plan a few indoor activities. There is no thumb rule to follow here. The best team building activities for one organization may not be ideal for another. You have to determine which activities will work for your team. You could come up with a completely customized activity that is specifically suited to the purpose you have in mind.

Since Napa Valley is the most popular winegrowing region in the country, it would be almost a crime to not have the theme of winemaking in at least one of your team building activities. You could plan something on the lines of winemaker for a day. There are many wineries that will have such programs, and some can offer a truly unique or personalized activity for your organization. A ride aboard one of our luxury limos and indulging in some fine wine while trying your skills at winemaking can be an amazing experience. You may also get your team to work in a kitchen and the winners can be acknowledged as chefs and sous-chefs. You could take your team to pick grapes or have fun at grape stomping post-harvest.

Beyond the experimentations in the kitchen and at the wineries, you could have your team participate in some kind of scavenger hunt. There is kart racing and you may consider boat racing. You could choose a golf course and help your people master the game. You can plan bike tours with special missions. If you are looking for team building activities that do not rely on the natural wonders of Napa Valley then you can set up make-believe crime scenes and allow your team to transform themselves into investigative units, you could try a boat building challenge, source inspiration from survivor shows and plan corporate castaways, script a unique adventure or just go for a supercar challenge.

Many companies want to blend team building with charity. Random acts of kindness can not only help your staff work as a team, but they would also feel nice while engaging in the activity. There are various such activities you can choose from. There are school supply scramble, military support mission and charity bike biathlon among others. You may also plan a simple fundraising exercise where your staff would have to work as a team to raise a certain sum of money that would be donated to a chosen local charity.

The exact choice of team building activities in Napa Valley will certainly depend on the purpose or the specific objective you have. Some companies focus more on creativity while some prefer physically adventurous games. Regardless of what suits your purpose, don’t forget to reserve one of our luxurious buses for your team. Comfort, convenience, and luxury should be at the crux of any business retreat, corporate training or learning & development program and team building activities. Count on our Napa Valley car service to take your next building to the next level. Our professional chauffeurs at Napa Valley Tours and Transportation will meet all your needs creating first-class experiences.

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