Discover the Latest Wine Tours Available in Napa Valley, CA with Napa Valley Tours & Transportation

Napa Valley, CA-based experts for wine tours, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation are now highlighting their newest service option – catered Napa Valley picnics. Taking place at wineries across the region, the company’s catered picnics allow guests to sample the latest Napa Valley, CA varietals during their wine tours while enjoying tempting dishes surrounded by glorious scenery.

Many are now looking to book wine tours in Napa Valley for their special occasions in 2017. But the wine tour experience holds little value without having access to experts in the region. Experts can help guide wine tours while presenting visitors with their perfect varietals and the dishes to match. The team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation are leaders in this area of the industry and they’re now inviting visitors to review their catered picnic services.

The company’s catered picnics take place at vineyards, wineries and other exciting locations throughout Napa Valley. The company’s concierge takes care of all the details and arranges for guests to explore the local scenery as they take in their favorite meals and varietals. The service can be entirely customized for the unique culinary requirements of each visitor! It’s a standout service crafted by one of the top local Napa Valley tour operators.

The experts at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation work around the clock to ensure that all elements of their tours are defined with precision for each guest. Their team is experienced in the history of the region and has an in-depth knowledge of the most popular restaurants and wineries, as well as access to those hidden gems that can inspire lasting tour memories.

To discover more on the full range of tour services now offered through Napa Valley Tours & Transportation, please contact their team at (707)251-9463 or visit their business website at



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