Napa Support for Mexico after Earthquake Damages

For people who aren’t aware of the situation, Mexico got struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday September 19th on on the anniversary of the deadliest earthquake in Mexico. People are still under collapsed buildings because of the quake aftershocks that are collapsing buildings everyday.

Many rescuers around the world are flying to Mexico to help those who are trapped and In efforts to do our part in helping we will be collecting donations to send to those who are in need. My name is Martha Brayton and I will be teaming with Mike Graham and Napa Valley Tours and Transportation  to help those effected by the earthquake. In order to get our help all the way to Mexico we are going to put in some work but we are fully committed in lending a helping hand.

Donations will be accepted from September 27th until October 8th. At the end of the donation period Napa Valley Wine Tours and Transportation will pick up the donations from each location and will be generously matching the donations contributed towards the Earthquake relief.

On the first of October we will have all of the donations packed up onto pallets that will be picked up by RNH Logistics ,who is actually owned by family I grew up with, and will be donating her time/expenses and will making the trip from Napa Valley down to El Paso TX.
From El Paso, another family member who owns a separate business in Mexico will then transfer the load to his truck and make his way down to Juarez Mexico (Paseo de Arareco y Estatal #15101 cruce con tecnológico Chihuahua Chihuahua México 31125) where the donations will be given to the Mexican Red Cross and then distributed among the effected families in Morelos, Chipas, and Oaxaca. As far as cash donations we are trying to raise $1,000 to cover the gas and toll roads for the second part of the trip since he won’t be able to cover that part himself.

We understand the hesitation in donating to a cause that isn’t directly effecting us but we assure you the donations will arrive at the attended location and will have updates and photos of the trip. Personally having family in the city brought to light how much more help they really need and we are committed in helping as much as we can.

Bellow is an attached file with the supplies that are needed as well as pictures of the vehicles that will be helping with transportation.

Personal Hygiene products

Toilet paper (4 roll pack)

Feminine pads

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Bars of soap


Cleaning Products

Laundry detergent (powder, small bags)

Pine-sol (24oz)

Cleaning rags

Pet Supplies

Food (small bags/canned)

Tic and flee medicine





First aid kits

Beans and rice

If you will be making a donation to the affected families of the earthquake in México City please use a permanent marker and scratch out the barcode and write #AyudaSismo #SismoCDMX or any friendly note to prevent the items from being stolen, sold, or used for any electoral campaigns.

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