Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 3 Reasons to Choose Napa Wine Tasting Tours for a February Vacation

2016 is now in full swing and oenophiles across the U.S. are now planning their vacations for February. It promises to be a great year to visit the Napa wine region and so in this latest article, the trusted specialists at Napa Valley Tours and Transportation highlight three of the leading reasons to choose Napa wine tasting tours for a February vacation.

  1. Fewer Travelers
    One of the top reasons to choose Napa wine tasting tours this February is that the wineries and the restaurants across the region will be less crowded than they would be during the summer months. This means that visitors can enjoy that romantic getaway with their loved one without having to fight through crowds, or choose their second favorite restaurant as opposed to a popular favorite. Fewer travelers also means that those booking their wine tours in February will have access to the leading hotels in the area. Napa is renowned for its luxury accommodations and the lack of crowds during the early part of the year make the location ideal for a couple seeking a getaway from day-to-day life.

  2. Comfortable Weather
    The heat of the peak summer season in California can make walking through local vineyards a challenging experience for some visitors. It’s the reason that many are now choosing to book their tours in February, as the temperature is far more moderate at this time of the year while still allowing for visitor comfort. Many visitors believe that February is peak El-Nino season in this part of the country, but El-Nino rains are intermittent, and rarely impact the wine tour schedule. It’s the ideal time to enjoy comfortable and relaxing wine tasting tours in Napa Valley!

  3. Lack of Foliage
    The lack of foliage on the some of the trees across the Napa Valley during February will provide guests with a unique visit experience. It ensures that all visitors can see the trees and other natural elements across the region in their full grand stature, allowing for unique photo opportunities unavailable anywhere else across the country.

    It’s the ideal time for the trip of a lifetime! Wine lovers can now begin to review their wine tour options as they seek a February getaway in the Napa Valley! To learn more on the great range of tour options available, speak with the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation directly at (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

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