Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 5 Reasons Why Vacationers are Now Considering Napa Wine Tasting Tours in 2016

Wine tasting tours have become a popular option for all types of traveler. They offer a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take in the surroundings of the some of the country’s most spectacular natural locations. And there are few more enchanting regions than the Napa Valley. In this latest article, the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation look at five reasons vacationers are considering Napa wine tasting tours in 2016.

  1. The Wine Selection
    There is a wine varietal for every type of oenophile within the Napa region. Whether visitors enjoy deep red cabernets or sweet white wines, there’s an option for all tastes. The sheer selection of wineries across Napa Valley also makes for an interesting trip experience. Each company has their own way to produce top quality wines, and can introduce visitors to various wine-making processes that simply aren’t be harnessed anywhere else in the world.

  2. The Restaurants
    Wine and great food go hand-in-hand in the Napa Valley region. The range of cultures now represented in Napa Valley means that visitors can sample delicious dishes from around the globe as they enjoy their wine. And because the region’s chefs and sommeliers are also experts in viticulture, they can help explain which wine pairs best with their food, for an outstanding, flavorful dining experience that transcends anything else found across the country.

  3. The Natural Landscapes
    Miles upon miles of rolling hills and green areas can be discovered in the Napa Valley. The area is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, which means that visitors can simply take time off during their Napa wine tasting tours to picnic and enjoy the glorious sunshine throughout the year. Napa Valley also has a rich and vibrant history, which is evident within the buildings in the area.

  4. The Tour Options
    When visitors arrive in Napa Valley they will have access to some of the leading tour companies in the country. Because of the region’s popularity with visitors, there are many unique companies working in the area. Visitors will have access to some of the most experienced tour operators when they select Napa wine tasting tours for their upcoming trips in 2016.

  5. The Weather
    The weather remains temperate throughout the winter months of the year, and guests can look forward to sunny days throughout the spring and summer months. This ensures they aren’t stuck inside when they take some days or two weeks away to enjoy a wine tasting tour in the region.

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