Napa Valley Tours & Transportation Highlight 6 Things to Consider when Booking Wine Tours in Napa

Napa wine country offers visitors an exhilarating summer experience. But those planning their journey to the region this season must first consider all the elements involved in their vacation. By taking the time to plan now, visitors can ensure they enjoy a spectacular visit. In this latest article, the trusted team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation showcase six things to consider when booking wine tours in Napa.

  1. Get Protection for the Sun
    Wine tours will present visitors to Napa with numerous opportunities to spend hours in the sun. But many find that they underestimate the high temperatures. It’s important for visitors to bring copious amounts of sunscreen. Visitors should also bring numerous pairs of sunglasses to ensure their eyes are protected as they enjoy the captivating sights across Napa.

  2. Consider Booking a Driver
    A professional driver can add significant value to wine tours in Napa. Not only can they ensure that guests discover all there is to experience throughout the region, but they can also help them make effective use of their time. Instead of having to avoid tasting too many of the delicious wine options in the region, guests can book a driver and relax for their trip. They can also work with their driver to create a travel itinerary that takes them to hidden historic wineries.

  3. Focus on Select Wineries
    It can be tempting for guests to visit many wineries on their tour to get the full experience. But oftentimes, visiting many different wineries doesn’t allow guests to enjoy their time in the area. Local experts recommend only visiting select wineries across the region and working with a local tour team to pick out the best options for a unique tour experience.

  4. Remember to Layer Clothing
    The Napa Valley weather is known to change quickly from warm to cool. There can be a 20-degree swing from one part of the day to another and so it’s important that visitors layer their clothing to stay warm when the sun goes down.

  5. Don’t Bring too many Accessories
    Accessories can detract from the vacation experience. They might distract travelers when visiting one of the many outstanding wineries. Most local experts recommend that travelers bring only the items they need for the trip, and to keep cell phones in pockets when touring the area. This is the best way to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.

  6. Relax and Enjoy the Moment
    It can be easy to become fixated on the travel plans and making effective use of each day in Napa. But it’s important for travelers to simply focus on the moments in the Napa sun. Travelers should allow themselves to soak in the environment and to enjoy the experience without putting too much thought into their plans.

Napa offers a transcendent vacation experience. To learn more on the elements to consider when booking wine tours in the Napa region, call the team at Valley Napa Tours & Transportation directly at (707) 251-9463 or visit their business website at

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