Planning the Perfect Business Lunch or Dinner

When planning a business lunch or dinner, everything must go smoothly. The client’s experience at
your meeting will influence whether they want to continue doing business with you or not. Every little
detail matters.

Here are some tips on how to make your business lunch or dinner perfect.

1. Dress to impress

At this meeting, you want to try to make a great impression. Do this by taking the time to look
your best. Wear one of your best suits and ensure proper grooming. Get your hair cut and any
facial hair trimmed. It also doesn’t hurt to get a manicure. When you look in control of your
appearance, you show other people that you can be in control of other things as well. It doesn’t
hurt to look your best in case there are any cute people at the meeting, either.

2. Learn about your clients

You would be surprised how many people go into a business meeting knowing very little about
their clients. Take the time to learn about who you are doing business with. Research the company
and research the people who will be eating with you. Get to know them while you’re eating, too.
Ask plenty of questions about their interests and families. When you start to develop a relationship
with someone, they are more inclined to work with you. Try to avoid talking about yourself too
much. It can come off as egotistical. If you’re egotistical during the conversation, it might mean
you are that way in business.

3. Get to business

Don’t be afraid to talk business during your business meeting. After all, that’s why you are there.
Start with the typical pleasantries, but don’t take too long to get serious. Feel free to talk up your
company when you find appropriate opportunities and speak with authority. When it’s time to close
the deal, be direct. Even if you don’t get the answer you were looking for, a direct question will
elicit a direct response.

4. Transportation is everything!

If you’re arranging for transportation, you need to pick a company like our Napa Valley car service
that is reliable and professional so that you also come across as reliable and professional.
Transportation should be luxurious and impressive. You want the clients to be comfortable without
being over the top. You also need a guarantee that the transportation will arrive on time and get
the clients to the desired location in a timely manner. Finally, you need to ensure that you use
friendly and helpful chauffeurs who know the area and understand the importance of your ride
going well. Give yourself plenty of time in case the meeting goes very well, and everyone wants to
stay a bit longer before getting picked up.

5. Mind your manners

Table etiquette can be very revealing. You want to reveal that you are courteous and well-
mannered rather than a slob. Don’t reach across the table. Ask for someone to pass what you
need, and don’t forget to say please and thank you! Learn the correct silverware to use if you don’t
already know. Be sure to use the proper indoor voice. Also, order carefully. You don’t want to look
like a mess at the end of your meal, so you might not want to order the slab of ribs. It’s hard to do
business with someone who has barbecue sauce all over their shirt.

6. Be mindful of the client’s preferences and time

You may think that since you are inviting the client to lunch or dinner that you get to call the shots.
That is not the case. Ask yourself where you think the clients would like to eat. If you don’t know
their preferences, be sure to pick a place that has a little something for everyone. Also, if your
clients mention that they have time restraints, you need to honor those time restraints. Don’t try
to squeeze too much into a small amount of time, and don’t push the clients to stay longer if they
have other obligations.

7. Invite the families

While having the family there can distract from the business talk, it’s important to always keep
family values in the mix. If you can’t have your family there, feel free to talk about yours. Ask the
client about their family. It shows a different side to you that the client might not see in a
traditional office setting. It can also give you something in common with the client. They can see
that you both have families to support. That’s why you’re both at this business meeting. Therefore,
you should both work together for a similar goal of supporting your families.

8. Be truthful

There is some temptation to exaggerate your corporate success at a meeting. There’s nothing
wrong with pointing out your accomplishments but be sure not to lie. It’s too easy to learn the
truth in this digital age. If the client thinks that you are lying or finds out that you were lying, you
can say goodbye to any deal you might have had with them. Stay honest.

9. Have fun

Even though this is a business meeting, that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Feel free to have
some fun! Get a drink or two if your clients want to imbibe. Feel free to make jokes. Of course, it’s
important to keep it in perspective that you are in a business meeting. Keep all jokes appropriate
and make sure not to drink too much. You can possibly lose a deal if you decide to have too much
fun at dinner.

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