Where to Spend Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Napa Valley

The Napa Valley region in Northern California is one of the most attractive destinations in the entire United States. It’s actually one of the most attractive spots in the whole world. People flock to it to gaze at its bucolic appeal. They flock to it in order to celebrate its plentiful vineyards as well. If you’re a major wine enthusiast, then you most likely have a soft spot for the Napa Valley and all of its charms. If you need Napa Valley car service that’s professional, accommodating, welcoming and contemporary, NVT (Napa Valley Tours & Transportation) in Napa is the local company that can help. We can give you Napa Valley limo service that’s a true gem.

Thanksgiving in the Napa Valley

Transportation service can often come in handy for the holidays. People often wish to steer clear of the headaches that are par for the course during travel on special occasions. If you need car service for Thanksgiving anywhere in the Napa Valley, our company is here to assist you. We can help you happily and simply travel to all sorts of Thanksgiving destinations throughout the Napa Valley. If you’re going to be in the wondrous Napa Valley on Thanksgiving Day in 2018, you have no dearth of places to visit. You can head to vibrant downtown in Napa, first of all. Angele Restaurant + Bar has a menu for the holiday that lasts from 1:00pm all the way until a little past 8:00 in the evening. If you adore wine pairings, you won’t want to miss out on this event.

Do you like the idea of a relatively low-key and laidback Thanksgiving in the Napa Valley? Why not stop by The Boon Fly Cafe that’s part of Napa’s serene Carneros Resort and Spa? If you want to feast on food that has a cozy and scrumptious vibe, you can’t do any better than this dining establishment. The Boon Fly Cafe is ideal for families that have small children, too.

Try the Meritage Resort & Spa on Thanksgiving Day. If you opt for this resort, you’ll be able to nosh on dinner anywhere between 12:00pm and 6:00pm. This choice is optimal for people who appreciate Vincent Lesage’s gourmet approach. Lesage is an esteemed Executive Chef who regularly pleasantly surprises diners with mouthwatering honey glazed ham, roasted turkey and more. There’s even a designated buffet for youngsters exclusively.

Check out the Acacia House in tranquil St. Helena. Chris Cosentino is the adept chef who is behind Acacia House’s amazing Thanksgiving offerings. If you want to be able to pick between butternut squash soup, roasted turkey breast and persimmon pudding, this place is for you.

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