Discover the Latest Wine Tasting Tours in Napa

Napa is the country’s leading destination for wine lovers. Its rolling hills, lush greenery, outstanding cuisine and, above all, its quality varietals make Napa that ideal option for those booking wine tasting tours this summer. If you’re booking a trip, you can now get up to speed on the leading wine tasting options in Napa. In this latest article, the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation provide their guidance on your tour options.

Culinary Adventure Tours

The Napa Valley Tours & Transportation team offer their culinary adventure tours, in which guests will learn how to pair their favorite wines with tempting local dishes. Tours will take guests through the Napa hills and to some of the best hidden gems the region has to offer. A great advantage of this tour option is that guests will be able to take part in the food preparation process, as well as receive behind the scenes tours of local wineries and restaurants.

Small Group Tours

These unique tasting tours are custom-designed for all discerning visitors from around the world. The Napa Valley Tours & Transportation team operate their own concierge service, which ensures guests have their own transportation throughout the trip. Drivers have a comprehensive understanding of the region and its history, and can provide insights while traveling. Each small group tour can be designed to suit the unique needs of the guest, from a focus on particular varietals to a focus on the wine-making process and connecting with local vintners.

Catered Picnics

Another great option is the catered picnic lunch options offered by Napa Valley Tours & Transportation. The company arranges picnics at local wineries, vineyards and other locations across the region and can help guests create their ideal event for taking in the scenery and enjoying delicious menu items from local restaurants and wineries.

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