Learn to Make Wine on Our Luxury Educational Wine Tours in Napa Valley

Many wine lovers aren’t simply satisfied with tasting their favorite varietals. They want the full experience. They want the behind the scenes wine tour in which they get to see how their wines are made and even take on the winemaking process themselves. That’s why many are now booking their luxury wine tasting tours in Napa Valley through experienced companies. In this latest article, the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation explores more on their luxury wine tour service.

Blending Seminars

As part of the tour experience, Napa Valley Tours & Transportation offer blending seminars in which guests can study and compare various varietals, while exploring concepts such as clonal variation. They can then discover the colors and tastes that make each varietal unique.

Winery Tours

The grape to glass tours offered by Napa Valley Tours & Transportation transport guests through the winery and into the wine making areas as their glass is produced. Guests will learn more on climatology and the use of barrels within the winemaking process. The day is then concluded with a tasting of a seasonal selection of local wines.

Tasting Classes

How do you distinguish between a chocolatey taste and a nutty aroma? Wine tasting is a delicate art that requires a refined palette along with a unique understanding on flavor combinations. As part of their tasting classes, the tour team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation lead visitors through the tasting process and help them to hone their senses in order to pick out the unique variances in each glass.

Booking luxury wine tours with the team at Napa Valley Tours & Transportation is the ideal addition to any summer season for wine lovers. To discover more on the company and their unique array of tour options, contact their experts now at (707)251-9463 or visit their business website at nvtt.net.



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