Navigating the Airport – Tips for a Quick Start to Your Trip

Navigating the airport may seem like an easy task, but with the reduction in airline staffing, longer lines at check-in, and airport security, airports are busier. We all know about the usual timeframe to show up before your flight: two hours. There are still more ways to get through the airport quicker.

Below we share some of the ways we have found.

When working with our Napa Valley car service we learned that saving a few minutes can add up in your favor. The aim is to get you from your front door to your plane seat as quickly as possible and we aim to assist you in doing this each time you travel.

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Be ahead of the game with TSA’s PreCheck. This is a traveler’s program that is now available at more than 200 airports. Members get to whiz through security without having to remove their laptops nor their shoes. Another similar program is the U.S. Customs Department’s Global Entry program for those who travel internationally.

The Right Gear

A few helpful items to add to your list for your next travels in order to make getting through security easier:

  • see-thru/clear bags for cosmetics, medicines, etc.
  • slip on shoes


Being in a rush to leave for your flight means that you are focused on the flight, not necessarily that it would be canceled. Why rush to the airport, say goodbye to everyone, go through the terminal and then find out that the flight is canceled? Check your flight status often and early. Airlines even ask when you book if you want to receive updates as to your flight’s status.

Check-in Online

If you have no bags, then check in online. If you have bags, then having the pre-printed boarding pass helps to save some time. This is also another way of securing your seat onboard.

Check Airport Parking

Do you know where to go when you get to the airport? Some airports are so big that you could get lost and turned around easily. Check online at the airport’s website for which lots are open, how far you would be from your terminal, and so that you can visually see the ring roads before you arrive. If the lot is filled, then you can have time to create an alternate plan. If the information is not available online, then perhaps the airport has it via telephone. Once there you can also make arrangements with our Napa Valley airport transfer if you have parked far from the terminal or if you decide to park with an off-site parking service.

After Clearing Security

Check your flight status again and get to your gate. At your gate, there will be more information on any updates or changes. Here, you can also assess how many people may be on your flight, and you can get a chance to check for the restrooms and restaurants.

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