Off the Beaten Path – Vacation Destinations to Consider This Year

Traveling is an incredible opportunity – it changes you both physically and psychologically. When people travel, they meet new people and start to think about the world in a different way. If you are looking for brand new destinations that will bring you off the beaten path, you’ll find many fabulous options. These interesting places will teach you something about yourself and the globe we all share.


Brunei is one of the world’s smallest countries by area. If you choose this as your travel destination, you will discover a culture and country with amazingly memorable sites. See one of the world’s largest water villages. Stroll through a rain forest. Try the spicy local food that makes full use of the nation’s access to culinary resources.

Nunavut Canada

If you love the cold weather and adore winter landscapes, Nunavut makes an unforgettable trip. Nunavut is located in the part of Canada that extends into the Arctic circle. It’s a place with vistas of ice, long days and nights with dancing lights. See wildlife like Polar Bears and whales in person.

The Solomon Islands

These beautiful Pacific island gems offer the adventure you are looking for. With nearly a thousand islands to choose from, the Solomon Islands let anyone have their pick of places to explore. Gorgeous waters offer the island diving experiences while the on-shore beaches are idyllic. Only a handful of visitors come here each year, so you’ll enjoy plenty of opportunities to talk with the locals.

Skopje, Macedonia

If you’re looking for an offbeat part of Europe that is full of authentic cultural encounters, Skopje is an easy destination. This riverside city is all about enjoying the warm weather and appreciating the locally pleasing weather. Head off to the Matka Canyon. There are sites dating from Medieval times, ancient churches, and dozens of butterfly species to admire. This an area laden with many years of history. Come here before others follow you.


One of the renowned central Asian republics, Tajikistan offers stunning views that are rarely seen by outsiders. Take a drive along the Pamir Highway, a route that travelers and traders have followed for centuries. There are huge mountains full of snow to admire and plenty of grassy plains where you’ll see locals herding many types of livestock. There aren’t many hotels in the area. So, if you’re headed here, you’ll want to arrange a series of homestays before you go. Locals are welcoming and they appreciate the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. This is an excellent way to sample the region’s incredibly rich cuisine and enjoy lots of time in the fresh outdoors.

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